About Us

Better Life CDC is one of the growing child development centre, primarily based in Kannur,Kerala, established in 2015 in order to herald a new era in the history of Child Development Concepts and disability management, incorporating holistic approach.

Our Thalassery support center is the first Behaviour Analysis Center in Kerala focusing on kids behaviour and related corrections, Lead by Dr.Reshma.

We also intent to impart training for the overall development of children from the early childhood days to adolescence and to motivate and groom them to become better human being.

We have deepest concern for the parents who face many hardships and struggles to find a better treatment option for their children with developmental disorders. We understand that there is a need for contemporary diagnostic methods, therapy options and dedicated working professionals in this field. It is our endeavour to bring together well known specialists in the field of Neurology, Psychiatry etc well supported by an early intervention centre staffed with Psychologist, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Special Educator for learning disabilities and Yoga trainer.

The Centre will provide multi disciplinary diagnosis and intervention for Children with learning disabilities, Language delay, Developmental delays, Children with Autism spectrum disorders(ASD), neuromuscular disabilities, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Developmental impairment due to epilepsy etc.

Concept in Detail

Science has made great strides in understanding the inner working of the brain. The knowledge that the brain is able to form new connections and generate new brain cells in response to experience and learning brings new hope for those parents, whose children have developmental disorders. Proper guidance and training will enhance the neuroplasticiy of the brain and bring new hope in treating developmental impairment in children. Our innovative intervention programs provide individual and specifically tailored strategic brain exercises to identify and strengthen weak cognitive areas.

In a child the first five years are the period when foundation is laid for optimum development in areas of language, cognition, emotion and creativity skills. This is the time when brain is growing rapidly and is very neuroplastic and malleable. Parent interaction and environment influence the development during this period and motivate the child to be an enthusiastic learner.

In infancy, interaction with adults help babies focus attention, build working memory, and manage reactions to stimulating experiences. Through creative play, games, and school work, children practice integrating their attention, working memory, and self-control to support planning, flexible problem solving and sustained engagement. By high school, students are expected to organize their time independently, keep track of their assignments, and mange projects to completion.

As children develop these capacities, they need practice reflecting on their experience, talking about what they are doing and why, monitoring their actions, considering possible next steps and evaluating the effectiveness of their decisions. Adults play a critical role in supporting the development of these skills, first by helping children complete challenging tasks, and then by gradually stepping back to let children manage the process independently, and learn from their mistakes, as they are ready and able to do so.

We believe that each child’s needs are unique and therefore try to incorporate what works best for the child. We provide a structured learning environment for the child and include teaching aids, visual aids, schedules and other scientifically proven aids to enhance learning.

Our programs support, strengthen and help children to develop a solid intellectual, social and emotional life.

Our major area of attention will be the developmental delay in children due to Cerebral Palsy, Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) Developmental impairment due to Epilepsy, Sensory issues, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Learning disabilities and such other developmental disorders in areas of physical, mental, language and learning, from birth to adolescence. We intent to cater to children from 3 years to 16 years of age.